Are you eligible for Permanent makeup?

List of disqualifications.

  • -Under 18 years of age

  • -Pregnancy

  • -Nursing

  • -Diabetes 

  • -Allergies to topical anesthetics (please let us know if you would like to skip this during your procedure)

  • -Seizure disorder

  • -High blood pressure

  • -Lupus

  • -Hepatitis B/C

  • -AIDS

  • -Active skin disorders: cold sores/ shingles / impetigo / Psoriasis / Pink eye/ sun burn / severe acne

  • -Active Vitiligo

  • -Severe Rosacea

  • -Eczema

  • -Blood disorders: Sickle cell, Hemophilia etc

  • -Keloid Formation

  • -Mental Disorder

  • -Epileptic

  • -Accutane (must be off for 6 months before and after)

  • -Steroids (must be off for 6 months before and after)

  • -Allergies to pigmentation or makeup

  • -Glaucoma or taking any blood thinning medicine

  • -Active skin cancer in treatment area

  • -Undergoing chemotherapy/ radiotherapy 60 days before or after procedure

  • ***Please note, if you are currently taking any type of medicine or have any type of medical condition to please speak to your doctor first.

Before your appointment

Avoid caffeine (such as coffee/tea) or alcohol consumption 24 hours before your appointment. This is to minimize any bleeding or swelling during and after the procedure.

  • Do not workout the day of the procedure because it expands the pores.

  • Do not tweeze, wax, tint, for one week prior to treatment. If you bleach your eyebrows, the chemicals will bleach the pigment as well.

  • Avoid having your brows done when you are too tanned as tanned skin exfoliates and bleeds and the pigment will not 'take' and will look blurred. Ideally, you should have no tan or sun exposure 30 days prior to your appointment.

  • No chemical peels 60 days prior or 60 days after because the chemicals travel under the skin and will fade your eyebrows.

  • No Retinols/Retina-A or other anti-aging creams or serums containing acids 30 days after your appointment. These products will fade your brows prematurely even after they have healed.

  • Any previous laser removal of eyebrows will result in scar tissue and the pigment may not 'take' and may fade prematurely.

  • Re-schedule your appointment if you have any active blemishes or pimples on your eyebrow area.

  • Do not use Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Advil or Ibuprofen (Advil) for at least 24 hours before your procedure.

  • Read carefully the list of people in the FAQ's who are not good candidates for this permanent makeup procedure before proceeding.

What to expect

A typical brow appointment can last anywhere between 2-3 hours.

  • First the artist will assess the client’s lifestyle and taste. Do they want something bold or natural? Do they wear makeup everyday or just special occasions? What face shape does the client have? This interview will help the artist create the best brows for their client.

  • We then start the Pre-draw portion of your appointment, this can take up to an 30 minutes to an hour. We measure your features, and draw out what your eyebrows will look like in shape and size. At this point of time, the client and artist will go over any adjustments desired by the client. Once the client feels confident about the pre-draw we continue to our next step.

  • Artist will then start the procedure, this process can take 2-3 hours for Ombre Powder. The time will depend on how easy your skin takes in the ink.

    **Eyebrow tattoo typically requires a second touch up appointment, because all client’s skin is different and receives the ink differently. It's impossible to accurately predict how a pigment will be affected by a client’s undertones.